Agreement between Shiraz Water & Wastewater Company and Azad University

Agreement between Shiraz Water & Wastewater Company and Azad University

A Joint Agreement for scientific and research  cooperation  between Shiraz Water & Wastewater Company( SWWC)  and Azad  University was  signed.

As reported  by  the Public  Relations Office of  Shiraz  Water & Wastewater  Company, an Agreement  was signed between Shiraz Water & Wastewater Company( SWWC) and Azad  University  in order to apply the research  projects , to provide the necessary conditions  for taking  maximum  advantage  of  Technical –Scientific  capability  of  the  University , as well as  expanding  the  scope  of  joint  services  through  scientific, training, consulting  and research  cooperation.

The objective  of  the present agreement  is the  increasingly  and organized development  of  the  collaboration  between the University  and SWWCo.  by  determining, developing, and supporting  the  methods  of  joint  cooperation, applying the research , benefiting  from  the  expertise  and  capabilities  of  the  parties  in  different  areas  such  as  technical, training, and research  in  the field  of  water, wastewater, and water management.

The subject matter  of  this  agreement is  planning and developing joint  activities  between  the  University  and SWWCo. in the field  of  training, research, and  development  through  synergy produced by the  executive and scientific forces with  the purpose  of  making  the  procedure  of  scientific  production  functional   on the basis  of  research.  

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