An exhibition of posters on the subject of “water” organized in the entrance hall of Shiraz Water & Wastewater Company on the occasion of a week named as the week for “ saving water consumption “

Reported  by Public Relations &Training  Office  of  Shiraz Water & Wastewater  Company,  the  goal  of  organizing  this  exhibition  is  to  promote  the  culture  of  optimum  water  consumption  and  emphasis  on  water  shortage.

The  exhibition  was  arranged  in  the  week for “ saving  water  consumption  “.

There were  more  than one  hundred posters  and  designs  of  students  in  the  field  of  graphic  & designing  in the  exhibition.

As well,  what  caught  the  eye in the exhibition   was  the  artworks  of  exceptional  students  which  demonstrate  the  beauty and  freshness  made  by  blessing  of  water  while  warning  for  water  crisis.

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