Inserting messages of “ saving water consumption “ on water bills

Distribution of water bills by Inserting messages of “ saving water consumption “ on them


As  reported  by  Public  Relations  & Training  Office  of  Shiraz Water & Wastewater  Company, with  respect  to  the  starting  of  summer  season, drought, and  the  necessity  of  promoting  the  culture  of  optimum  water  consumption; messages  of  “ saving  water  consumption  “ have  been  inserted  in  water  bills issued  for  water  customers  in  the  last  period.

The  messages  presenting  educational  points  in  the  field of  Consumption  Management  are  included  in  water  bills.

It  is  to  mention  that  inserting  these  messages  on  water  bills  has  been  done  with  the  coordination  of  Public  Relations  & Training  Office  and  Department  of  Revenues  and  Consumer  Affairs of  Shiraz Water & Wastewater  Company

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