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The ABFA Company of Shiraz was praised in the eighteenth Energy Globe Foundation Awards ceremonies

Last Update : Tuesday 13 February 2018
The Wastewater Treatment Plant Number 2 in Shiraz was praised in the eighteenth Energy Globe Foundation Awards ceremonies

The Public Relations and Public Education Department of Shiraz ABFA reported that the eighteenth Energy Globe Foundation ceremonies with an emphasis on the Global Water Summit were convened at the Summit Conference Hall in Shiraz due to the need for paying targeted and systematic attention to Iran’s water resources and also to water management in the processes of production and provision of services on the one hand and for sensitizing the global community to the role of “water” in social and industrial growth and in the shaping up of civilization on the other hand. Iranian companies and organizations and international institutions cooperated in holding the ceremonies to which representatives from more than 13 countries and of tens of high-level officials from the countries around the world, especially the honorable Mr. Kofi Annan and Ms. Gandhi, were invited to participate.

In this relation, based on the approval of the Energy Globe Foundation, which is the main sponsor of these ceremonies, appreciation plaques, which are the most prestigious symbol of environmental and social sustainability and accountability (known as “the environmental Oscars”) were awarded to selected projects. In these ceremonies, held under the title of “Global Water Ceremonies,” the Wastewater Treatment Plant Number 2 (Long Term) of Shiraz was introduced as one of the environmental projects selected by the Energy Globe Foundation.

The Energy Globe Foundation is active in the six fields of water, soil, air, energy, social projects, and sustainable plastics. The winners of the environmental awards (named “the environmental Oscars”) are selected by a panel consisting of representatives from the United Nations Industrial Development Organization, the World Bank, and the European Renewable Energy Council. During the eighteenth ceremonies held by the Energy Globe Foundation, the Waste Water Treatment Plant Number 2 of Shiraz was praised.

These ceremonies are held to recognize projects that “Have made accurate and cost effective use of resources and employed substitute energy resources”

In these ceremonies, Reza Ardakanian (the Iranian Minister of Energy) said, “In a world where natural resources are scarce and, in many cases, do not meet the demands of the lavish human consumption pattern, and in a world where the ecological boundaries are being broken one after the other, it is obviously necessary to deal with any of the issues of water, soil, air, energy, and waste that form the basic fields of activity of the Energy Globe Foundation.”

The Wastewater Treatment Plant Number 2 (Long Term) has been built employing the state of the art techniques and is capable of producing about 70 percent of its electricity needs. It is of the advanced activated sludge type at the outlet of which an UV system is installed for disinfecting the effluent, and a recirculation program is anticipated for it that allows the effluent to be used in producing greenhouse products.

Construction of the Wastewater Treatment Plant Number 2 (Long Term) was started in 2010 and was financed by the initial credit line that the World Bank extended and, after a four-year pause caused by the sanctions, was restarted in 2015. It can treat 100,000 cubic meters of wastewater every 24 hours and covers a population of 550,000 people.

Every year, the Energy Globe Foundation reviews projects carried out in the mentioned fields for the well-being and health of people in its 178 member countries and, in addition to giving the most prestigious global environmental awards to the selected projects, introduces the superior projects (in which new ideas have been employed) to the world.