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History of shiraz water & wastewater co.

Last Update : Sunday 02 October 2016

Shiraz is the first city which is equipped with drinking water pipe line throughout Iran. The first steps were done in 1945 by Mohhamad Namazi one of the greatest charity members of Shiraz. The plan included the pipe line and construction of water treatment pool and utilized the two Qanats of KHeyr- abaad and Reza- Abaad in western part of Shiraz for drinking purposes. There were only 6000 customers those years.

After a series of research, Consultant engineers of GIB (England) co. announced that the two Qanats are enough for drinking water purposes in Shiraz , since some cases of pollution were seen in out put of those Qanats. After the design and excavating of deep wells in second of May 1952, Shiraz Water company was established. Shiraz Water Company utilized water for about 70000 customers from alluvial wells after disinfection and treatment in Abiverdi reservoir (25000 cubic meters ). After the rapid increase of population and large amount of villager's immigration to Shiraz, the consumption of water highly increased and the lack of balance in development of water services caused the shortage of water supply. After this crisis, studies were made and water from Droud Zan dam(North West of Shiraz) was used about the capacity of 150000 cubic meters per day.

During the Cultural Revolution, the first waste water line in shiraz was done by the design of Shiraz university proffesors