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Introduction of a city of Shiraz

Last Update : Wednesday 14 June 2017

Shiraz is one of the biggest city in Iran and its capital city of Fars province. The population was 1712745 in 1395 which can be counted as 1869001 with suburbs population.


Shiraz is in the central part of Fars and 1486 meters heights from seaside and located in zagros mountainous part with moderate weather. This city is near to Derak Mountain from western side, and bombo, sabzposhan, chehel magham, and baba Kouhi Mountains from north side.

 After Tabriz, (year 1287) and Tehran (year 1289) Shiraz is known as one of the third city of Iran which municipality was located in it in year 1296. Municipality of Shiraz was divided to 11 independent regions and totally included 178891 square kilometer area.

The name of Shiraz was registered as tirazis, Shirazis and Shiraz in historical documents and books. . This first place of it was in abo nasr castle. In bani omaye time, Shiraz was transferred to the present place and thriving to destroyed estakhr (the old capital city of Fars). This city was a capital of Iran in safarian, booeyan and zandian period.


From ancient time, Shiraz got knowed as a local exchange services among farmers, sedentary and nomads because of its location in central part of southern zagros region and fertile regions. Also this city is located to the business ways of southern ports inside Iran like boshehr.


Shiraz is a tourist attraction city because of including historical, cultural, religious and different nature places.


Population: 1712745

Water supplies:  (year 1395) : water network length – ( at the end of year 1395 ) 3260 kilometers (considering  splits )

Calcareous well: 66 percent

Alluvial well: 12 %

Dorodzan dam: 22 %

Wastewater network length: (at the end of year 1395): 133.kilometers (considering splits)